“Whirlwind”.  James Clavell.  Coronet Books, 1986 (Paperback) – RM18.00

This is a story of three weeks in Tehran in February 1979; three weeks of fanaticism, passion, self-sacrifice and heartbreak.  Caught in between the revolutionaries and the forces of international intrigue is a team of professional pilots.  Two of them have Iranian wives they love beyond safety and politics.

More info on this novel here.

Tehran, February 1979. The Shah has fed, and a group of Western pilots are caught in the following eruption of political and religious fanatism in which fundamentalist mullahs and leftist mujhadin, loyalists and revolutionaries, are locked in a bloody power struggle.

Trying to keep their feet in the turmoil and their machines flying are S-G Helicopters, the Aberdeen-based company connected with Struan’s of Hong Kong, which services oil fields the length and breadth of Iran, from the Russian border to the Islamic Gulf. Andrew Gavallan and Duncan Melver, both of NOBLE HOUSE, are the men in charge of an international team of highly experienced specialist pilots. Robert Armstrong, Special Branch, and Gregor Suslev, KGB, are also old adversaries from the previous novel.

WHIRLWIND is one of the greatest high adventure novels of the decade, and bears all the hallmarks of supreme storytelling.


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